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Donna Henderson (Janet Varney generally, Jenna Stern in #172) is the wife of Dave Henderson, mother to Michelle Henderson, and friend of Frank and Sadie Doyle. She is a vampire. Donna is cheerful and friendly, and full of infectious charm. She also doesn't mind murdering anyone who threatens her daughter.[1][2]

She favours comfortable shoes and clothing - all the better for running around on the rooftops at night, which she greatly enjoys.[3] She favours B- blood.

She was under Count Desmond Cross's coven jurisdiction (before he was killed),[4] and is currently the interim king of the vampires in her area. She is also in a book club with other vampires.[2]


While she was pregnant, she was enormously powerful, able to thrall four people at once.[4] She is stronger than an average vampire when it comes to protecting Michelle, able to enter hallowed ground, break down doors, and fight off skilled demon-slayers.[5]

Donna and Dave's first daughter (mentioned in A Dave at the Races) was “even more herbinger” than Michelle. Due to her powers, the child grew up incredibly fast and erased their memories of it. As such, the Henderson's first daughter has only recently come back into their lives.

Life Prior to Becoming a Vampire

Sadie and Donna were friends prior to Donna becoming a vampire, and often got into trouble together.[2] Her maiden name is Donner.

After she moved into her new home, she was briefly kidnapped by Tree Cultists before being rescued by the Doyles.