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Derp is a character in Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier and Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  He is played by Craig Cackowski.


Derp is the Mayor of Mars' moon Deimos.  

Derp attends the Mayor's retreat with Cactoid Jim and A41397X442, wherein he meets many characters from Jim's past, and is assured by Jim that from the smallest moons come the biggest ideas.

In Mercy Killing, he greets Sparks Nevada, The Red Plains Rider and Croach the Tracker when they go to the Mayor's retreat to find Cactoid Jim.  Derp informs them of the MurderMen attack on Earth, and claims he didn't join the cavalry to save Earth because of his flat feet.

At the end of Mercy Killing, he returns to Deimos, giving The Red Plains Rider a lift to catch transport to Earth.