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Dana Cardinal is a character in Welcome to Night Vale, and appeared in The Great Thrilling Adventure Hour / Welcome to Night Vale Crossover. She is played by Jasika Nicole.


Dana Cardinal is a former intern at Night Vale Community Radio, but disappeared for many months into a desert in another world before raising an army from that desert to save Night Vale from an invasion. After helping to save the town and returning to Night Vale, she was elected Mayor. She is also good friends with Cecil Palmer

In the crossover, Dana visits the Night Vale radio studio to report on progress of the Destroy the Moon Festival, which isn't going well. She encourages Cecil to have his listening audience begin hurling insults at the moon in order to help destroy it. After Steve Carlsberg and Croach the Tracker also arrive at the studio, Dana informs Croach that the civic committee formed to organize the Destroy the Moon Festival was two robots. After the robots arrive then shortly disappear, Dana lends Croach her temporal shifter so he, Cecil, Steve and Carlos the Scientist's projection can return to Mars in the future.

Dana also appears in the epilogue, confronting S'tonge of the Galaxium with Cecil and Colonel Tick-Tock.

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