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Dale Treamain is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by George Wendt.


Dale Treamain was the second marshal on Mars, after Simon Pure and before Sparks Nevada.  Before becoming marshal on Mars, Dale was the Lawbringer on Earth's Moon.

In A Comet's Tale, Sparks tells Simon Pure that at some point during his tenure, Dale went mad with power, and destroyed the Mars evacuation plans and escape pods.  The pods and plans were never replaced, as the Mayor said it would not instill confidence.

Dale eventually married a gray-skinned Martian and settled down with her in The Secreted City of Rococoo.  He later became their leader.  He also became good friends with The Red Plains Rider when she was a teenager, and showed her that she could do good on her own and not have to belong with martians or humans.

Dale Treamain later appears in Red Alert.  He nearly kills Sparks Nevada, Mercy Laredo and Croach the Tracker before he is stopped by Red, who is living in the Secreted City of Rococoo while in hiding.  When Croach is fatally shot, he informs Sparks that although alcohol isn't deadly to martians, it renders their nanotech inert and it stays in their system until they die.  

He allows Sparks and Red to stay in The Secreted City of Rococoo for two months to mourn Croach's death and hide out from being bounty hunted again.