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Cyborgs are part-human, part robot people in the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe.

Cyborg Culture

Although cyborgs are fully recognized as people, they are still discriminated against in human society.  No cyborg had held higher office in the universe until Cactoid Jim encouraged the populace of Earth to vote for Chicky Sullivan instead of himself in order to prevent destruction to the universe should Jim win.

Cyborg Physiology

  • All cyborgs are at least partially people and partially robot.  Chicky Sullivan has described himself as Sullivan is only 40% human, and physically just 15% organic, but it is not clear if these numbers are the same for all cyborgs.
  • All cyborgs seen so far in the Sparks Nevada universe have appeared to be human and not another species.
  • They are protected from hacking by firewalls and internal shields.
  • Cyborgs also have external shields and repulsor rays to protect from physical danger

Cyborg Weaknesses

  • The Halley's Comet Gang was defeated by a flood of water being dumped on them. (Blast from the Past)
  • Chicky Sullivan was defeated once by evil future Cactoid Jim hacking and disabling Chicky's internal then external defenses.  Jim then peeled off Chicky's bionics.  (Good Jim)
  • They are still vulnerable to being MurderManned by MurderMen should their human parts get bitten. (Murder In His Place)
  • EMPs will disable a cyborg's robot parts, though not kill the human parts. (Moonfaker)

Notable Cyborgs