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This entry is for the horse named Cupid in the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars universe. For information on Cupid outside of Thrilling Adventure Hour canon, see Cupid on Wikipedia. For the appearance of the Roman god Cupid in Beyond Belief, see The Heart is a Lonely Haunter.

Cupid is Felton's horse. In his one appearance in Companeros, he is voiced by James Urbaniak.


In Companeros, Cupid reports that he noticed that his master, Felton's hypercattle were being rustled, and alerted Felton.  He then accompanies Felton to tell Sparks Nevada about the rustling.

In Wanted Men, Felton's horse is destroyed by robot outlaw Alloy Roy just after it had been upgraded. That horse is presumably Cupid, though it is not named and does not speak in the episode.