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Constance as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Constance Covington-Tick-Tock is Colonel Tick Tock's long-suffering wife.  Constance has been played by Busy Philipps and Annie Savage.


Constance often asks logical questions about time travel, which are met with exasperation and poor explanation by her husband and Queen Victoria.

In An Odd Couple, she accidentally creates a paradox by wishing aloud to have met Woodhouse, after her husband mentions that he had.

She was also promised by her husband to get to meet Oscar Wilde should occasion arise, but when the occasion did arise, he didn't bring her along.

After a long absence from Colonel Tick-Tock episodes, Constance is seen in Austen Translation, with a new circle of friends and a full social calendar, no longer spending her days waiting for her husband to appear, but glad when he does.