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Colton Wynant is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  He is played by Barry Corbin.


Wynant is a tycoon from Earth who owns an automaton factory. He has a son, Jeremy Wynant.

Wynant's company created Trigger Happy J.A.C.K., an automaton created to assist in the quick-draw contest to select a new sheriff on Mars. Wynant was sent as a designated representative of the Mars-Earth Coalition to oversee the contest.

Wynant is adamant about not creating robots, preferring their non-sentient counterparts.  However, he did upgrade J.A.C.K. with the local laws and the knowlege to become sheriff as well, in an effort to create a sheriffing automaton.

When Trigger Happy J.A.C.K. went rogue and began keeping the contestants from firing on him, it was revealed that Wynant's employee, Thanxley had given J.A.C.K. sentience and programmed him to want to be the sheriff so Wynant's company could expand and make more money and to show Wynant he has initiative.  

J.A.C.K. was eventually defeated by Bill Clover, and Wynant said he learned a valuable lesson - to never trust Thanxley, who was already dead by J.A.C.K.