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Circle Gets the Square is an episode of The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam

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As the story opens, Captain Laserbeam is assisting The Righteous Brothers, Matthew and Terry, in a fight against their greatest foe, The Churchnapper. After a quick takedown, The Righteous Brothers rope Captain Laserbeam into a religious conversation. He quickly pretends to hear the Adventurekateer Distress Call on a frequency only he can discern and races off to the Adventurekateer Clubhouse, finding it empty.

After killing time alone for a few minutes, Captain Laserbeam is joined by Adventurekateers William and Patrick, who inform him that Shape Ape has committed an act of vandalism: changing the shape of the town square. After listening to the boys bicker for a bit, Laserbeam races off.

Meanwhile, Shape Ape, accompanied by a disaffected Tyler, is hiding in the Apex City Arboretum and pondering some of the deep existential questions of the world--such as "can anyone possibly conceive of a five sided shape?"--as his henchmen cut foliage into triangles to make geome-trees. Captain Laserbeam bursts upon the scene only to be quickly caught in Shape Ape's deathtrap, the Cube of Triangles. he summons his willpower only to find William and Patrick's earlier bickering less than inspiring. Luckily, Matthew and Terry Righteous swoop in to break the deathtrap and together they all incapacitate Shape Ape and Tyler. The Righteous Brothers attempt to continue their earlier conversation to little avail.

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This is the 110th episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The previous episode is Beyond Belief - How To Spell Revenge and the next episode is Behind the Scenes at TAH with Annie Savage and Busy Philipps. The previous episode in Captain Laserbeam canon is #98 The Fight Before Christmas, and the next episode is #123 Secret Disservice.


This episode was recorded at Largo on February 2, 2013 and released on March 25, 2013.