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Christmas on Jupiter is a song sung by Jib Janeen, the Jupiter Spy in the episode Christmas on Jupiter. It is performed by Paul F. Tompkins as Jib Janeen. The music is the same as the annual Christmas episode opener Christmas on Mars with various tweaks to fit into Jupiterian culture.

Christmas on Jupiter was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.


Yeah! You heard what that voice said! Jupiter! Not Mars! Mars is so whatever last year was!

Christmas on Jupiter! Welcome to my cosmic bash!
A party you'll be glad you crashed, tonight!


Take a ride on a rocket powered sleigh
Make Santa give us all his secrets away!


In this whole great big wide solar system
It's the best Christmas party in town
A Jupiter Spy grabbed Santa and kissed him
Cause space Mistletoe's so much stronger in space!

It's like science, I can't explain it.

Holiday on the fifth rock from the sun
The fun has only just begun, for me!

Just me!

May your Christmas disguise, be of some other guy!
You'll show them that they're even stupider!
And the merriest Christmas is Christmas on Jupiter!
On Jupiter!
On Jupiter!

Right? I made it work!
Shoehorned it in there!
Whatever! Take it easy!