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Cecil Gershwin Palmer is the main character in Welcome to Night Vale, and a part of The Great Thrilling Adventure Hour / Welcome to Night Vale Crossover.  He is played by Cecil Baldwin.


Cecil Palmer is the voice of Night Vale, the host of the daily news radio show at Night Vale Community Radio. He brings the people of Night Vale news, traffic, weather reports, the community calendar, and sometimes updates on his own personal life. Cecil is in a steady relationship with Carlos the Scientist. Cecil's brother-in-law, Steve Carlsberg, is his least favorite person. Cecil is also good friends with Dana Cardinal, a former NVCR intern, and the current mayor of Night Vale.

In the crossover, Cecil's radio show starts out much like any other day, when he reports on a "Destroy the Moon" Festival being held in Mission Grove Park, and a stranger in town (Croach the Tracker) inquiring as to why the citizens of Night Vale are attempting to destroy the moon. Eventually, Dana, a projection of Carlos and Steve Carlsberg converge on the NVCR studio to talk to Cecil about the festival and the moon, before Croach enters. Cecil and Steve decide to return with Croach to Mars in the future.

On Mars, Cecil attempts to help Sparks Nevada and Croach figure out if the robot outlaws who formed the civic committee behind the Destroy the Moon Festival are responsible for the moon disappearing in Mars' time. Eventually, after all hope seems lost and the universe might end, both Cecil and Sparks come up with the idea to send cyborg deputy Dolores County to the more distant past, to undo all of the events that even lead to the citizens of Night Vale meeting the citizens of Mars. He tells Sparks it was exciting and a pleasure to meet him and to be in a Western, and bids him "Howdy Adios".

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