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Carter Caldwell is a publisher, socialite, unlucky-in-love "confirmed bachelor" and friend to the Doyles. He is played by John Ennis.  Carter sometimes stands in as Sadie's "partner" in episodes where Paul F. Tompkins is unavailable to be at the show to play Frank.

He wears very thick glasses.


Easily led astray, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Despite being close friends with the Doyles, he has a fear of the supernatural.


In Hell Is the Loneliest Number, Caldwell called on the Doyles to help exorcise the demon possessing his friend Delancey. He was willing to give Father Timothy a large sum of money to help him "concentrate". In the end, Delancey turned out to be Bobo Brubaker, a con artist, working the con with "Timothy".

In She Blinded Me With Seance, Carter holds a Seance at his apartment for fun. When he invites Sadie (Frank is pouting back home and refused to go), the seance goes from fun to all too real and Caldwell spends most of the episode hiding under the table in fear.

He is apparently close enough friends with Frank and Sadie Doyle to be invited on holiday with them to Europe in Romanian Holiday. While there he had a flirtation with Claudiu, although Sadie forced him to leave before anything could come of it.


  • Carter Caldwell's nickname is Owl Eyes.[1]
  • Prior to his career in publishing, Carter worked as a bartender.
  • A protestant, although it's unknown how observant he is.
  • He is a hopscotch enthusiast.


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