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Carlysle Ravencastle, Dark Husband to the Midnight is a character in Beyond Belief. He is played by Mark Gagliardi. He is described as "pale, bald, and pointy" and wears a great deal of eye makeup.

He prefers a slightly old-style, dramatic way of speaking.

He has a large collection of parasols to protect himself from the sun.

He is originally from Detroit, Michigan, and was the vampire-er of many nosferatu class vampires in the Great Lakes region.


Carlysle Ravencastle is a flamboyant vampire of the nosferatu class. He wears a cape and a large medallion. He also had a black frilly parasol, but lost it when he was turned to ash.

He was turned to ash by Sadie and Donna but returned to life after some vampires rubbed blood into his ash "to see what would happen" (it's a boy thing, apparently).

Before his most recent death he placed two vampires, Johnny Vampire and Arturis Severvein under a final thrall to seek the title of King of the Vampires (this thrall was later broken by Michelle Henderson).


Ravencastle was vampire-er to some of the vampires met by Frank and Sadie, including:

  • Johnny Vampire
  • Arturis Severvein
  • Creighton Lavoisier

He also had a Renfield under his thrall prior to his death in Rosemary's Baby Shower.


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