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A list of the most dangerous of the villains in The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam as compiled by Adventurekateers William and Richard.[1] Updated as currently and completely as possible.

1. The Die-brarian[2] (See Note 3)


3. Foxy Burlesque[3]

4a. King Mammal (it's a common misconception that he is Captain Laserbeam's 9th most dangerous foe)[1]

4b. The Die-brarian[4] (Unclear if tied with King Mammal, or if King Mammal has changed rank after it was reported.)

5a. The Waterfowl[5] (Unclear if tied with Lady Haiku, or if she was ranked 7th at the time.)

5b. Lady Haiku (alternates between 5th and 7th)[6]

6a. Numbler[7] (See Note 2)

6b. Shape Ape[8]

7. Lady Haiku (alternates between 5th and 7th)[6]


29. Rhinocerist[9]

30. Tinker Taylor[9]

31. Dunce[9]


  1. The Bluebird of Unhappiness and the Purple Puritan are tied as Captain Laserbeam's 5th most dangerous color-themed foes.[10]
  2. The Numbler retired from crime,[11] so probably lost his ranking. It appears that by Try Triangle Again, Shape Ape has taken this ranking.
  3. Captain Laserbeam said he'd rank The Die-brarian at #1,[2] but that likely was a lie.
    • If it was a lie, Die-brarian might lose his ranking of #4 since he's doing charity work instead of crime.
    • If it wasn't a lie, it'd presumably bump the previous #1, #2 and #3 down a spot, perhaps even the whole list (except for Lady Haiku) if Die-brarian and King Mammal were tied for 4th.