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Byron Crumpet was the deceased lover of Cindy Louise. He is played by Michael Sinterniklaas.

Byron fell in love with Cindy Louise after she was married to Sebastian Ernst. After Sebastian discovered the two were in love, he asked his father to kill Byron. His death was reported as being due to natural causes - Sebastian's father used the knowledge of Byron's heart condition against him to kill him. He died on Christmas Eve,

Since during life his heart was too small and too consumed with jealous over Cindy Louise, after his death Byron became a grinch. After death he became filled with hate for Christmas and the Ernsts. After Frank and Sadie Doyle convinced Sebastian to let Cindy Louise go, she ran to him and he consumed her. Without her spirit within the house, the house imploded, taking the Ernsts and Byron with it.

Prior to his death he owned a dog, which he dressed up in antlers for Christmas.