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Bradam is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  He is played by Hal Lublin.


Bradam was a punishment soccer participant from Zone 6 the same year as Pemily Stallwark.  He was in love with Jessamyn.  He played fullback on his punishment soccer team, wherein he found a pair of bayonet cleats and tore apart Yeera with the cleats along with help from Jessamyn. This caused Pemily to fly into a rage, wherein she then killed both Bradam and Jessamyn.

After Cactoid Jim dismantled punishment soccer on Earth's Moon, people felt so awful about what they let kids do to each other in the Deathletics that all punishment soccer players were cloned, including Bradam and Jessamyn.  They then went to Mars to play youth league soccer, where he played either for The Barkeep's team, the Troublemakers, or Felton's team The Lil' Marshals.

When Pemily saw Yeera, Bradam and Jessamyn, her emotions were so strong that they triggered dvie’yeece in Croach the Tracker, which caused him to take on Pemily's emotions.  Croach could not control Pemily's anger at Bradam and Jessamyn, and he killed them in retaliation for having killed Yeera.