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Bobo Brubaker in A Spirited Romance.

Bobo Brubaker is an ex-boyfriend of Sadie Doyle, Minnie Fontaine (who nicknamed him 'Bobopet'), and Carter Caldwell (who knew him as Delance Facade), and occasional antagonist. He's quite thick, though he does have occasional moments of perception. He uses a lot of slightly anachronistic slang.  Brubaker is played by Craig Cackowski.


Bobo ran a mummy trafficking business and performed fake seances while he and Sadie dated, but her presence at a staged seance turned it into a real one, with a powerful ghost breaking through the Ouija board, and Frank Doyle showed up to save the day and win the girl.

He has run afoul of the Doyles since then, once by conning Sadie's friend Carter Caldwell with a fake possession bit, and once by genie-wishing Frank out of existence to win back Sadie. Both times he was soundly bested.

Other supernatural cons he has previously been involved in are vampire protection agencies and mummy laundering.