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Annakie Annakie 21 October 2014

Style Guide Updated for paid content

Please note that the Style Guide page has been updated to deal with paid content such as The Great Thrilling Adventure Hour / Welcome to Night Vale Crossover and the paid graphic novels. The update is at the very bottom of the page.

We are still working out the style sheet for the comics, bear with us a few more days.

We have secured permission from the Bens to use images from the comics. Please use sparingly and only for illustrative purposes, do not upload entire pages from the comics. We may also use the covers of each book on the book's episode page.  Thank you!

For now, the books will be numbered "BB #0" and "SNMOM #0" with the next ones being #1, etc.

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Evan Prodromou Evan Prodromou 17 April 2013

Brand new wiki!

I was thinking this morning about Pemily Stallwark after listening to "Good Jim" and I realized that most of the characters in my favorite Thrilling Adventure Hour segments don't really have a home page on the web.

This wiki is an attempt to fix that. Whether it's the Old Mission or Pterodactyl Jones or Patrick or The Hobo Way or Abby Adams, I think all the fun stuff we love about TAH stories needs its own page.

I hope there's also a place for pages about the WorkJuice Players and the Guest Stars that make the shows.

I'm going to be working on episode guides for each of the major segments, and hopefully that builds out to the character pages and so forth. You'll see a lot of red links (meaning blank pages) on the wiki right now; that means we…

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