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Billy the Bot is a Robot Outlaw inSparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

Billy has been played by:


In Spiders, Man, Billy the Bot rescues Sparks Nevada, Croach the Tracker and The Red Plains Rider from giant spiders while looking for the gold in the Caves of Zzyzzx.  Though he saves their lives, Sparks Nevada still insists on arresting Billy for outstanding warrants.  However, Billy escapes the caves before arrest.

Later, in The Return of Croach the Tracker and the Introduction of Two New Important Characters!, Billy breaks into Felton's spare room, which he is renting to Professor Genius, and steals two science guns.  After introducing himself to Rebecca Rose Rushmore as a fan, his shooting arm is shot off byCactoid Jim .  He then pulls out a smaller science gun, but is shot by Croach the Tracker before firing it.  He later reboots and shoots Sparks and Croach with the gun, forcing them to switch bodies.

During A Mind is a Terrible Thing... In Space!, Billy continues to threaten Sparks and Croach as they bicker over each other's bodies.  He shoots Sparks, in Croach's body, but he quickly heals due to Nah Nohtek.  Just as he is about to shoot Croach, in Sparks' body, The Red Plains Rider appears and shoots Billy's remaining arm off.  Literally disarmed, Sparks arrests Billy and Croach throws him in a cell.

Billy makes a return several years later in Die Hardware, wherein he attempts to rob Sparks Nevada's hardware store. Red and Croach arrive to foil him, however arguments about their personal matters delay them from actually stopping the robbery. Eventually, Sparks Nevada takes matters into his own hands by donning his robot fists, and punching Billy out. Presumably, Billy goes back to jail.

Billy's Wildest Dreams

  1. Rob an exceptionally fancy bank
  2. Outgun Piston Pete
  3. Get a library card
  4. Punch a mayor
  5. Shoot Sparks Nevada[1]