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Basil Valentine is a character in Beyond Belief who Sadie Doyle briefly dated in college and who she has encountered twice since. He is played by Bradley Whitford.


In Art Imitates Life, Basil and Sadie have been engaged a very long time and make a living as moderately famous international art thieves.  He lives in the apartment across the hall from Sadie. Basil very much wishes to marry Sadie, however, Sadie keeps putting the wedding off.  Sadie does love Basil, but something she's not sure about keeps holding her back.  Eventually when Bobo Brubaker arrives with his Genie and reveals how he had wished Frank Doyle out of existence, Basil realizes that a residual memory of Frank is what has been holding Sadie back from their marriage.  He loves Sadie so much that he wishes Frank back into existence, but also wishes that he forgets this life as he knows remembering will cause him too much pain.  Sadie opts to remember.

Presumably Basil falls in love again and has a daughter, Kimmy.  Instead of an art thief, Basil is now a well-known archaeologist. While excavating a tomb, he found a mass of whirling darkness and told Kimmy to come take a look. The darkness was the demon Gormanger, who possessed Kimmy. In order to find help for his daughter, he brings her to Frank and Sadie. Frank and Sadie make veiled references to Sadie's past with Basil throughout their encounter, which confuses Basil. Frank and Sadie are able to free Kimmy of Gormanger, but not before Basil invites Gormanger sister-demon Krakoroth to possess him for a time. After Sadie threatens to summon their mother, the sibling demons leave. Basil heeds Sadie's advice that he really doesn't want to know what it is she and Frank have been referencing throughout the day, and leaves with Kimmy.