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Banjo Bindlestuff as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Banjo Bindlestuff is the main character in Down in Moonshine Holler.  He is played by Craig Cackowski .


Banjo Bindlestuff is, in reality, Jasper Manorlodge, an arrogant millionaire turned debonair hobo in his search across Depression-era America for his true love, The Hobo Princess.

Jasper's parents are Randolph and Gloria Manorlodge, and he has a younger brother, Larison, who both appear in the episode Nativity Ploy. He also has a cousin, Preston Mannorlodge, who appears in the episode Just Desserts.

In his travels, Banjo is shown to be good hearted, ready to help, and up for adventure. This is a journey of change for him, as Banjo regularly bumps into millionaires in his travels who remark on his resemblance to the worthless spoiled Manorlodge brat Jasper.

In each episode, Banjo is faced with moral dilemmas that could easily be solved with his substantial fortune. However, in doing so, Banjo risks losing the Hobo Princess forever. But with the help of his hobo mentor Gummy, Banjo gradually gains an understanding of The Hobo Way, and saves the day not with money, but with hobo wit.

Despite the many comely ladies he meets in his travels and the affection they show, he always remains true to his quest to find the fair Hobo Princess in the Hobo Shangri La, Moonshine Holler.


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