Bah, Murderbug is an episode of Beyond Belief.  It is a part of The Full Christmas Episode from December 2011

Audio[edit | edit source]

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Frank and Sadie are visited by the ghost of past, present, and future Christmas, who mistake them for their apartment's previous occupant the miserly Slapert Frowl.

Quotable Lines[edit | edit source]

Sadie: Would you like a drink before we send you on your way?

Frank: Sadie!

Sadie: Oh Frank, he's wearing chains and he's going door-to-door, he could use a drink far more than we could.

Frank: Sadie!

Sadie: Just as much as we could.

Frank: Sadie.

Sadie: Yes, a little less than we could, but still.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Clink count: 4 (one is a verbal clink from Sadie)

Continuity[edit | edit source]

This is the 98th episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

The previous episode is #97 Behind the Scenes at The Thrilling Adventure Hour with Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster. The next episode is #99 Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - Sweet and Show Down. However, TAH & The Dead Authors Podcasts Present - Chapter 19 - Authors of the Gospels is an unnumbered episode also released by the TAH podcast before Sweet and Show Down.

The previous episode of Beyond Belief is #96 Caped Fear, and the next episode is #101 Forged in Flame.

Production[edit | edit source]

This episode was recorded at Largo on December 3rd, 2011 and released on December 3rd, 2012.

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