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April is the Duelist Month is an episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars that is part of The Thrilling Adventure Hour Live Youtube Show.


The full episode video may be purchased at Vimeo. Proceeds from the live stream and from sales of this recording benefit food banks in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and other cities.


WorkJuice Players

(Top) Janet Varney, Paul F. Tompkins, Jason Ritter, (Bottom) Marc Evan Jackson and Mark Gagliardi perform TAH Live from their homes.

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It's quiet on Mars, and such a nice day that both Sparks and Croach almost agree that it evokes strong reminiscing. Outside, there's a disturbance, so the marshals head outside to see what's going on. "Lucky" Luke Lamont, aka the Youngslinger is calling out Six-Shooter Sam, and sings the song he wrote to help people remember his two nicknames. Sparks objects to Luke calling himself the fastest gun on Mars, as he is not. Croach believes The Red Plains Rider is the fastest gun on Mars, though she is currently off-planet, while Sparks believes it's himself.

Luke says he is calling Six-Shooter Sam out for stealing his girl, Ruby, and robbing the carnival satellite orbiting Mars which is Luke's home. Sparks tries to dissuade Luke from calling anyone out, citing his lack of showdown experience, and Luke responds that he's the number one ranked player at Nutso Ned's Western Sector Robot Shootout-a-palooza. Croach agrees that's the single greatest carnival amusement. Luke is not dissuaded by Sparks, and continues to call out Six-Shooter Sam, who enters the street.

Six-Shooter Sam is a Flonakatonk from Fleevia-7 with six arms, and no idea what "Lucky" Luke Lamont's beef with him could be. Ruby arrives, and barely remembers Luke, and confirms that she's with Sam happily and willingly. She also agrees that she spent time with Luke and others at the carnival before she met Sam, and is also annoyed to be referred to as a prize to be won. She then confesses that the gang that she's with isn't Sam's gang, it's hers, and she and her gang robbed the carnival. She challenges everyone, except Croach, to a showdown.

The group bickers about which duel should go first, or if they should have a free-for-all. Ruby challenges Luke to the first duel, which angers Sam. Sparks tries to talk Luke out of the duel, and Ruby insults Luke's innocence. Sparks tells Luke that seeing a gal you like with another guy does hurt, but another gal will come along, and perhaps also break your heart, but eventually, someone else may come along who will stay.

Luke takes Sparks' words to heart, and tells her he's sorry for how he laid claim to her. He also tells Sam he's sorry, and Sam is lucky that Ruby wants to be with him. Sam realizes he deserves someone who really cares for him, as he now knows that Ruby doesn't love him, and wants a lady outlaw who wants a commitment. Ruby is annoyed that Sam wants a commitment, as that's not what she's looking for. She considers going it alone for a while, or starting a lady gang.

Sparks then draws on the pair, arresting them for robbing the carnival satellite. Everyone agrees that Sparks is a very fast draw. Sparks says he's never been beat, and when Croach reminds him that he has, Sparks teases him for wanting to reminisce.


The lyrics to "Lucky" Luke Lamont's song are as follows

Well, I'm fast and young

And I'm big and strong

And a lady'd love to be in my arms!


The fastest gun on Mars!

He'll take on any outlaw

At a carnival or a bar!


The fastest gun on Mars!


  • Sparks references his own theme song after Luke asks him if he has his own theme song. Croach agrees, giving a soft "pow" as an affirmative.
  • Sparks references a time "a gal ran off with Croach, my own best friend" referring to The Red Plains Rider and the events of Spiders, Man (TAH #24). He then references Rebecca Rose Rushmore and the book she wrote about their time together, and finally Ginny West turning out to be a Jupiter Spy.
  • Croach is right -- Sparks was beaten once, by Techs in Showdown, You Move Too Fast (TAH #65).



This episode was recorded via Zoom and broadcast on YouTube on April 11, 2020. It was released for purchase on Vimeo on April 15, 2020.