Apex City

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Apex City, populous one million, is a coastal city plagued by crime and protected by Captain Laserbeam.

Marquee Hero

Captain Laserbeam

Other Heroes


  • Beachballs (vital to summer tourism)
  • Poultry (2nd largest industry)

Notable Locations

  • Adventurekateer Clubhouse
  • Apex City Adult Education Center
  • Apex City City Hall
  • Apex City High School
  • Apex City Public Library
  • Apex City Seaside Harbor
  • Apex City Soda Shoppe
  • Apex City University
  • Arena-torium
  • Eli Whitney Middle School
  • Gala-torium
  • Hero Hospital
  • Ice Cream Teddy’s Ice Cream Parlor
  • Incarce-atarium 
  • Metropolitan Museum of Fancy Art
  • New Oldtown
  • Orphan District
  • Pen and Pencil Museum
  • Poultry District
  • Scrub a Doodle Doo Car Wash
  • Temple Beth Apex

Notable citizens

  • Miss Dimlich - Health teacher
  • Rabbi Vasquez - Rabbi at the Temple Beth Apex
  • Society of Millionaires
  • Marco - Fell in love with Foxy Burlesque once
  • Ice Cream Teddy - Parlor proprietor
  • Mayor - Unqualified to deliver a baby
  • Mrs. Ableman - Woman whose baby Captain Laserbeam delivered for charity.
  • Baby Ableman - Apex City’s one millionth citizen
  • Judy Wallaker - Top member of the Apex City High School Math League Applied Mathing Team
  • Congresswoman Mulchahie - Not a fan of Captain Laserbeam
  • The new police commisioner - She's not a fan of Captain Laserbeam, either.
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