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Andy Paley is a noted songwriter, record producer, and musician whose work includes producing records for such noted musicians as Madonna, the Ramones, Jonathan Richman, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Brian Wilson. He is the musical director for the Thrilling Adventure Hour in addition to playing various keyboards, guitar, harmonica, castanets, and autoharp in the show.[1]

Andy Paley Orchestra

The Andy Paley Orchestra is directed by Andy Paley and performs the live music on the Thrilling Adventure Hour. It has a rotating cast of musicians centered around a few regulars.

There are typically four musicians on stage playing multiple instruments at any particular performance. The regulars include Jonathan Dinerstein (the assistant musical director), Rebecca Ward (Jonathan Dinerstein's wife, on violin and glockenspiel), Mike Bulger (trumpet, melophone, tuba, accordion, organ and piano), and Mike Uhler (bass, cello, melodica, guitar and trumpet). Other guests who appear regularly include Ben Jaffe of honey honey (on drums, guitar, and keyboards), Jordan Katz of Common Rotation (trumpet and banjo), Jillinda Palmer, Brittney Westover, Jeff Lass, Charles Burns, James King, and Scott Healey, Mark Pender, and Barre Duryea.

When the show is performed outside Los Angeles musicians are typically hired locally.

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