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Androids are mechanical beings who look human on the outside, but are mechanical on the inside in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

History & Physiology

In the Sparks Nevada universe, there are only a few examples of androids, including Rusty, Simon Pure's deputy, and The Binary Kid, an outlaw, in A Comet's Tale. Androids also appeared in Still Alive, confirming that they still exist in the modern Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars timeline.

While the events of A Comet's Tale happened 76 years before current canon, it tells us the following things about androids:

  • They appeared to have full sentience and personhood. Androids had hobbies, held down jobs, drew pay, and were able to quit their jobs or become outlaws at will.
  • They had feelings, and had a say in town hall meetings, as well as the right to vote.
  • They were equipped with soh-nar (sonar) and radar technology.
  • They had nerve endings installed and could feel pain.
  • The Binary Kid was said to have been made of an unbreakable alloy

According to the behavior of the androids in Still Alive, it appears androids dislike robots and hate being confused for them. They also steal from humans.


Notable Androids