Alvina T. Ardison

Alvina T. Ardison is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  She is played by Paget Brewster.


Alvina T. Ardison is a 127 year old woman who has spent an untold amount of wealth on both remaining young-looking and replacing parts of her body with cybernetic parts, making her a cyborg.  Having so many cybernetics causes her to need to recharge often.

She believes anyone who is not rich and have cybernetic parts as she does is a dumb-dumb, and she is deserving of unconditional love from everyone.

Alvinia is a scientist and inventor by trade.  Amongst the items she has claimed to invented are the Roomitron Home Terraformer, the Darkbulb and Robot Fists.  It is later revealed that she steals most of her inventions from other inventors who, she claims, does not see the full potential in their inventions.  She stole the plans for the robot fists from Nikolai Nikola, who had originally planned them to be used for kneading bread dough.

Ardison goes to Mars to give a lecture in town, but is confronted by Nikola, who sics his Glass Robots on her. Sparks Nevada is able to get Ardison to confess to stealing the plans for the robot fists, as well as an ice cream making laser which Ardison repurposed into a freeze ray and she made a fortune off of.  The freeze ray helped the "wrong side" of a civil war win.

Sparks is able to record Ardison confessing she stole all of her inventions, from various inventors. Nevada promises to get her sent to USSA court, and to have all of the true inventors of her stolen gadgets compensated.


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