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Adjunct Professor Genius is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  He is played by Scott Aukerman.


Adjunct Professor Genius is a Science Being who comes to Mars with his cousin Professor Genius. He is collecting research in hopes of becoming a full tenured professor by studying the effects of the Inversification Ray on humans. 

He eventually attempts to shoot the Lynchtree women, but Croach the Tracker jumps in front of the ray to save them.  While Croach is inside-outed the Science Beings take the chance to study him, and his Nah Nohtek that heals him to being rightside-in.

As Croach wasn't actually hurt, Sparks allows them to go.  Adjunct Professor Genius, not having enough research to write a paper on the Inversification Ray, decides to write a sociology paper instead, to receive course credit.

Adjunct Professor Genius has a tendency to announce what he is going to do before doing it, thus ruining several of his own plans.