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Abby Adams as depicted in the Original Graphic Novel.

Abigail "Abby" Adams is a character in Jefferson Reid, Ace American and Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer.  She is played by Annie Savage.

Abby is an agent for the American Victory Commission, serving under General Rex Flagwell. She is currently the girlfriend of Jefferson Reid, however it is hinted at that she once also had a relationship with Amelia Earhart

Abby's code name is Lady Liberty.


When we first see Abby in the first Jefferson Reid episode, she has been captured by the Nazis while attempting to rescue Brownie Finn.  She is helpless but to watch Brownie Finn get turned into a giant trollish ape monster by their Nazi captors.  It's only later after being released by Jefferson Reid during his rescue that she is able to help, by defeating all of the henchmen while Jefferson and Brownie battle Vitas Brunholdt. After Brownie's death, she escapes the dungeon she's been held in with Jefferson.

Abby later attends Brownie's memorial service with General Rex Flagwell, Jefferson, Agent Joe Harrington, and President Franklin Roosevelt.  When Pal Sawyer kidnaps FDR, she goes with Jefferson to a secret hideout and confronts Mrs. B.  Pal Sawyer was a brainwashed secret agent for the Nazis all along, and FDR had just been brainwashed as well.  Reid recognizes Mrs. B., and it turns out he was raised by her just as she had raised Pal.  Mrs. B. speaks a code word and Jefferson's brainwashing kicks in, but Abby is able to remind Jefferson of all things American, and he snaps out of it.  She then watches as Reid is forced to kill both Mrs. B. and Pal Sawyer, who cannot overcome his brainwashing.  After saving the President, Abby and Jefferson head for a date to see the DC Cherry Blossoms.

In Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer, Abby usually gives Amelia her orders at the beginning of the episode. She is also left to run the AVC when Flagwell is off on a mission or occupied with other business.


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