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A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour is the 284th episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!

A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour


"A Thrilling CBB Adventure Hour" on SoundCloud


WorkJuice Players


Scott has Marc Evan Jackson on to discuss his life and career and to plug upcoming live performances of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. They are interrupted by the appearance of Croach the Tracker, who does not know where he is. K of the Cosmos then appears and explains that he found it fun and whimsical to mash together the universes where Croach is real and where he is a character in a stage show. As part of his agenda of fun and whimsy, K temporarily bodyswaps Croach and Marc.

The four of them then play Riddle Me This, with the stakes as follows: if Scott wins K will return to his dimension and wipe everyone's memories of the show, but if K wins he can destroy the earth. Marc and Croach have a side bet that whoever wins will get an uninterrupted interview on CBB. K judges the contest, and in the end he declares Scott the winner.

During plugs, K also temporarily transports Paul F. Tompkins into the studio.

Continuity & Production

This episode was released as the 284th episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! on May 5, 2014. The prior crossover between CBB and the Thrilling Adventure Hour is CBB #50, A Thrilling Hour or So.


Croach the Tracker is responsible for what is likely the greatest musical interlude on Comedy Bang! Bang!, the "Riddle Me This" theme.