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A Date with Destinos is an episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.


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Detailed Summary

Sparks and Rebecca enter the Space Saloon, and are greeted by the Barkeep. They begin their date, which was arranged in the previous episode, by speaking about their worst qualities. Rebecca says she is severely insecure and far too forthright about it. She also gives her heart too fast and too fully.

The Barkeep joins the conversation for a short time to relay his worst qualities: eavesdropping, feeling entirely welcome to join conversations that don't concern him, and loving too much. He believes his tendency to keep trouble out of his place is among his best qualities.

Rebecca says Sparks' worst quality is that he can't stop being the Marshal. Shortly thereafter, Los Banditos Mutantes enter. Sparks and Rebecca argue whether or not Sparks should intervene. The Barkeep tells Sparks not to intervene and to enjoy his date, as he has already called Croach for help. Rebecca accuses Sparks of having a fear of commitment and trying to weasel out of the date and relationship.

Croach enters, and the Saloon Doors flirts with him. The Doors, Croach and Barkeep all push Sparks to answer whether he intends to commit to Rebecca. Croach agrees to deal with Los Banditos Mutantes so Sparks can continue the date.

The Mutantes, claiming they have no outstanding warrants, decline to be arrested, say they are here to vote on new leadership to determine the future of Los Banditos Mutantes. The first candidate wants to return to their core values of hypercattle rustling and other crimes. The other wishes to focus on community outreach and acts of good. The third, the former leader, recused himself and is there to vote. Croach joins in their restructuring conversation.

Sparks, distracted, returns to the date with Rebecca, but keeps checking in on Croach. Rebecca gives Sparks an ultimatum to meet her outside in two minutes or not at all. The Mutante attempting to persuade the others to perform community service gives his closing argument and accidentally convinces Sparks to grab for happiness, Sparks leaves the Saloon to meet Rebecca.

The Mutante arguing to return to roots uses his closing argument to shoot the Mutante wanting to perform community service and is elected leader.

Sparks meets Rebecca at the gelato stand, and they retire to his place for the weekend.




This episode was recorded at Largo on September 10, 2011 and released March 5th, 2012.