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A Christmas Treat is a special Christmas episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour.


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WorkJuice Players

(Backing Vocals)

Guest Stars

(Backing Vocals)


This episode is made up of excerpts from the Thrilling Adventure Hour 2015 Christmas show, which consisted of a variety hour hosted by Janet followed by the Beyond Belief episode Straight on til Mourning (podcasted separately).

After an episode introduction from Ben Blacker, Janet Varney introduces Timothy Omundson, who sings Balthazar Impresario by Frank Turner. Annie Savage, Petra Haden, and Kimmy Gatewood sing backup vocals.

Petra Haden then sings I Can See for Miles by The Who, with backing vocals from most of the rest of the cast.

Paul F. Tompkins and Lauren Lapkus do a sketch as a surly and foul-mouthed Santa Claus, with his elf, HoHo. Both are interviewed by Janet Varney.

Finally, Michael McKean sings The First Covered Wagon by Jimmie Driftwood.



This episode was recorded at Largo on December 11, 2015 and released on December 25, 2015.