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A41397X442 is a character in Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier and Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. He is played by Hal Lublin.


A41397X442 is the mayor of robots.  He is a diplomacy robot, and not programmed for battle. In Mayors' Retreat, A41397X442 assisted setting up the retreat by having all the other mayor's phone numbers handy.  After speaking with Cactoid Jim and Derp, he alerts them that a rocket ship is incoming.  He soon also finds he's capable of tears.  Near the end of the episode, he tells Ray Bogle that he will be the inventor of sentient robots back in the 25th century.

In Mercy Killing, he tells Sparks Nevada, Red Plains Rider, and Croach the Tracker he was very inspired by Cactoid Jim's brave speech to save the Earth from the MurderMen.  He discovers he would like to possess humanity, and comes down with a case of Pinocchiosis.

Immediately after discovering this, A41397X442 is shot and killed by Mercy Laredo, who hates robots with Pinocchiosis as they killed her brother, Dustin.


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